Vineyard Labourer Bible College

Preliminary Bible Studies

This is a full series preliminary studies that is to be completed before studying the college courses.
These studies can be done by an individual or as a group.


1. The Bible Is True
2. The Scriptures
3. God
4. Creation And The Creator
5. The Origin Of Evil
6. The Fall And Redemption Of Man
7. How To Become A New Person
8. Baptism
9. Christ Our Sinless Example
10. Unfolding The Future
11. A Great Prophetic Period
12. The Judgement
13. Three Angels' Messages
14. Signs Of The Times
15. Christ's Second Coming
16. 1,000 Years Of Peace
17. The Law Of God
18. What Was Abolished By Christ
19. The Law And The Gospel
20. The Sabbath Or Lord's Day
21. The Change Of The Sabbath
22. Death And Hell
23. Spiritualism
24. Eternal Home Of The Saved
25. Support Of The Gospel
26. Health And Temperance
27. Manner Of Observing The Sabbath
28. Perfection Of Character
29. The Unpardonable Sin
30. Does God Have A Church Today?
31. Tomorrow May Be Too Late

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Vineyard Labourer Bible College Training for the Christian Walk


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