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Health and Hygiene Modules

The Health and Hygiene studies listed here are to be done in the sequence given. Each module is to be completed with the equivalent module of Bible studies, and Practical Exercises.

Abbreviations are used in these studies for the books written by Ellen G. White. A list of the abbreviations and what books they stand for can be found at :- Abbreviations. Commonly used abbreviations are used for text references. All other references are given in full in the study.

"God has endowed us with a certain amount of vital force. He has also formed us with organs suited to maintain the various functions of life, and He designs that these organs shall work together in harmony. If we carefully preserve the life force, and keep the delicate mechanism of the body in order, the result is health; but if the vital force is too rapidly exhausted, the nervous system borrows power for present use from its resources of strength, and when one organ is injured, all are affected. Nature bears much abuse without apparent resistance; she then arouses and makes a determined effort to remove the effects of the ill-treatment she has suffered. Her effort to correct these conditions is often manifest in fever and various other forms of sickness." M.H. page 234-5.

"Since the mind and the soul find expression through the body, both mental and spiritual vigor are in great degree dependent upon physical strength and activity; whatever promotes physical health, promotes the development of a strong mind and a well-balanced character. Without health no one can as distinctly understand or as completely fulfill his obligations to himself, to his fellow beings, or to his Creator. Therefore the health should be as faithfully guarded as the character. A knowledge of physiology and hygiene should be the basis of all educational effort." Ed. page 195.

"In the study of hygiene the earnest teacher will improve every opportunity to show the necessity of perfect cleanliness both in personal habits and in all one's surroundings. The value of the daily bath in promoting health and in stimulating mental action should be emphasized. Attention should be given also to sunlight and ventilation, the hygiene of the sleeping room and the kitchen. Teach the pupils that a healthful sleeping room, a thoroughly clean kitchen, and a tastefully arranged, wholesomely supplied table will go farther toward securing the happiness of the family and the regard of every sensible visitor than any amount of expensive furnishing in the drawing room. That ‘the life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment’ (Luke 12:23) is a lesson no less needed now than when given by the divine Teacher eighteen hundred years ago." C.G. page 365-6. (This quote was written 1903).

Each of the 8 modules are in a single pdf file. You will need a pdf reader to be able to view them.
If you don't have one, do a search for one that is appropriate for your device.

Module 1

1a - Health
1b - Diet In Moses’ Writings
1c - Clean And Unclean Animals
1d - Good Health
1e - Christian Temperance
1f - Evils Of Intemperance
1g - God’s Health Laws

Module 2

2a - Sunlight
2b - Abstemiousness
2c - Rest
2d - Exercise
2e - Proper Diet
2f - Water
2g - Trust In Divine Power

Module 3

3a - Basic Anatomy Of The Human Body - Skeletal System
3b - Muscular System
3c - Circulatory System
3d - Respiratory System
3e - Nervous System
3f - Our 5 Senses

Module 4

4a - Digestive System
4b - Urinary System
4c - Reproductive System
4d - Endocrine System
4e - Lymphatic System
4f - Skin

Module 5

5a - True Medical Missionary Work - Christ Our Example
5b - Personal Ministry
5c - The Basis Of Success And Efficiency
5d - Methods Of Approach To People
5e - Untiring Effort
5f - Ministry To All Classes In All Places

Module 6

6a - The Scope Of The Medical Missionary Programme Part 1
6b - The Scope Of The Medical Missionary Programme Part 2
6c - Health And Medicine In The Nineteenth Century Part 1
6d - Health And Medicine In The Nineteenth Century Part 2
6e - Extremism Part 1
6f - Extremism Part 2

Module 7

7a - Temperance Part 1
7b - Temperance Part 2
7c - Mental Health Part 1
7d - Mental Health Part 2
7e - Social Aspects Part 1
7f - Social Aspects Part 2
7g - Stimulants And Narcotics Part 1
7h - Stimulants And Narcotics Part 2

Module 8

8a - Immune For Life
8b - Herbs And Spices
8c - Vaccination/Immunisation
8d - Herbal Preparations And Their Uses
8e - Dangerous And Useful Herbs
8f - Beware Of Food Additives

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