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The Bible Studies listed here are to be done in the sequence given. Each module is to be completed with the equivalent module of Health and Hygiene, and Practical Exercises.

Abbreviations are used in these studies for the books written by Ellen G. White. A list of the abbreviations and what books they stand for can be found at :- Abbreviations. Common abbreviations are used for text references. All other references are given in full in the study.

"The Bible is the revelation of God to our world, telling us of the character we must have in order to reach the paradise of God. We are to esteem it as God's disclosure to us of eternal things,--the things of most consequence for us to know. By the world it is thrown aside, as if the perusal of it were finished, but a thousand years of research would not exhaust the hidden treasure it contains. Eternity alone will disclose the wisdom of this book. The jewels buried in it are inexhaustible; for it is the wisdom of an infinite mind." Fundamentals of Christian Education by Ellen White, page 444.

"All who would be efficient workers must give much time to prayer. The communication between God and the soul must be kept open, that the workers may recognize the voice of their Captain. The Bible should be diligently studied. The truth of God, like gold, is not always lying right on the surface; it is to be obtained only by earnest thought and study. This study will not only store the mind with most valuable knowledge, but will strengthen and expand the mental powers, and will give a true estimate of eternal things. Let the divine precepts be brought into the daily life; let the life be fashioned after God's great standard of righteousness, and the whole character will be strengthened and ennobled." Gospel Workers by Ellen White, page 76.

"Never should the Bible be studied without prayer. Before opening its pages we should ask for the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, and it will be given. . . . The Spirit of truth is the only effectual teacher of divine truth." Amazing Grace by Ellen White, page 199.

Each of the 8 modules are in a single pdf file. You will need a pdf reader to be able to view them.
If you don't have one, do a search for one that is appropriate for your device.

Module 1

1a - The Bible - The Divine Revelation Of Truth
1b - The Bible Is True
1c - The Scriptures And How To Study Them
1d - The Central Theme Of The Bible Is Jesus Christ
1e - The Godhead
1f - The Foundation Of God's Government
1g - Reverence

Module 2

2a - The Creator And His Creation
2b - The Memorial Of Creation
2c - What Is Sin?
2d - The Origin Of Evil
2e - The Fall Of Mankind And Its Effect
2f - The Redemption Of Mankind
2g - How To Become A New Person

Module 3

3a - The Gospel In The Sanctuary Services
3b - The Earthly Tabernacle Also Reveals The Gospel
3c - The Pre-Existence Of Jesus Christ
3d - The Incarnation Of Jesus Christ
3e - Christ Our Sinless Example
3f - The Death Of Jesus Christ
3g - Christ's Resurrection
3h - The Ascension Of Christ

Module 4

4a - The Mediation Of Our High Priest Jesus Christ
4b - The Heavenly Sanctuary
4c - The Day Of Atonement
4d - The Great Prophetic Period - 2,300 days
4e - The Investigative Judgement
4f - The Hour Of God's Judgement
4g - The Close Of Man's Probation
4h - Satan's Attempt To Keep Man In Ignorance Of The Judgement

Module 5

5a - Two Kingdoms - Grace And Glory
5b - Signs Of Christ's Return
5c - Dangers And Deceptions Of The Last Days
5d - God's Wrath Filled Plagues
5e - The 1,000 Years Or Millennium
5f - The Executive Judgement
5g - The Heavenly Promised Land

Module 6

6a - God's Eternal Law
6b - God's Law And The Laws Of Moses
6c - The Old And New Covenants
6d - The Lord's Day
6e - The First Day In The New Testament
6f - The Attempted Change Of The Sabbath
6g - The Seal Of The Living God
6h - The Mark Of The Beast
6i - The Sabbath A Reforming Message

Module 7

7a - God's Purpose For The Jewish Nation And Their Failure
7b - Which Is The True Israel Today?
7c - The Christian Church Through The Centuries
7d - The Church And The State
7e - Come Out Of Babylon My People
7f - The Gathering Of The True Israel
7g - The Last Church

Module 8

8a - Tithe And Offering
8b - The Ordinances Of The Church
8c - The Body - Temple Of The Holy Spirit
8d - God's Design For The Health Of His People
8e - Man A Mortal
8f - Hell And The Lake Of Fire
8g - Spiritualism
8h - The Holy Spirit And His Operations
8i - The Gifts And Fruit Of The Spirit

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